Thursday, August 04, 2005
Bulpett's Nuggetts 
Steve Bulpett offers some nice news and notes today. Some highlights:

  • The club is still looking for a veteran point guard to steady the position
  • a number of league sources have said that, yes, the C's are doing their level best to find a new home for Mark Blount and his contract
  • the Celts are said to be willing to include Marcus Banks in the deal to make it work
  • The final calculations have been done, and the trade exception received by the Celtics from the Antoine Walker trade is $4,914,007, to which $100,000 can be added. ...the Celts will be able to take back a player (or players) with salary up to $5,014,007 without sending similar salaries in return.

    My take: They've been saying all along that they are looking for a veteran point guard, so that is no great surprise. The fact that they are indeed willing to use Banks to dump Blount is a bit of a revelation. I still wonder if Eric Snow is a potential fit (equal salary to Blount). However, if the C's are intent on dumping Blount's salary and only taking on a shorter contract in return, I'm not sure what they can get. I think if they can't get a PG for Blount and Banks, the fallback plan is probably to use the semi-annual exception ($1.5M) on a minor free agent.

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