Monday, July 11, 2005
Walker to Kings Part 2 
Today from Bulpett in the Herald:
Antoine Walker [news]'s agent is continuing to work the market in search of a sign-and-trade deal that would allow the forward to make more than the mid-level exception. Mark Bartelstein said he's been on the line with Sacramento, but for anything to work on that front the Kings would almost certainly have to take either Mark Blount [news] (five years left) or Raef LaFrentz (four remaining).

As for contracts the Celts might be willing to take, Corliss Williamson has two years left at a total of $12.5 million and Brian Skinner has two years at $10.35 million.
I love the fact that Danny Ainge isn't about to lose his leverage. If he's going to be coaxed into a sign and trade deal, then its going to be on his terms and its going to add value to his club (most likely by subtracting value from his payroll).

I somewhat doubt that Miller or Peja will be involved in any discussion (especially if Danny is looking for financial flexibility). I'm sure Bibby won't. So chances are we are looking at some combination/selection of Skinner, Corlis W., Ostertag (expiring contract), and Bobby Jackson for either Walker and Raef or Walker and Blount. Remember that salaries now only have to come within 25% of each other. (See here for details).

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