Tuesday, July 05, 2005
In a Nutshell 
Lots of great feedback on the Walker rumor. Now, if I'm hearing most people correctly, the idea is that if there is no added benefit to trading Walker, then there is no need to do so. There are a few benefits that I can think of. Obviously if we can get a future pick (in my mind, 07 would be better than 06) that would be ideal. If we could dump Blount's contract, that would be a "value-add" via subtraction (if you will). Still, even if neither of those things happens, I could see some value to taking an expiring contract or two for trading purposes. Still, that might not be enough to make it worth it. Finally, there's the off-hand hope that these guys would actually contribute to the team. Wesley in particular would seem to have some gas left in the tank.

Regardless, we now know that there is at least one team willing to get into the bidding for Toine above the MLE. I read that Isaiah is hoping to lure Walker with the MLE, but I wonder if he'd be willing to go the S&T route as well. How about Chicago? There is a market for him. We'll see just how strong the market is.

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