Sunday, July 31, 2005
Hoopsworld Names Boston as 3rd Team 
Hoopsworld article:
Word is Jason Williams of the Grizzlies will be dealt in a 3-way trade involving Miami and Boston according to a well placed Grizzlies source... Michael Doleac is the player Miami will ship out, likely getting Antoine Walker in a sign and trade package if you connect the dots... Dollie goes to Memphis, JDub goes to Boston --- Dale Davis has been rumored to Miami as a free agent, and all things make sense. Miami sources in typical fashion deny any knowledge of a sign and trade, and the word from Boston is they are not talking with anyone - today.
I don't know if I like the deal if it doesn't involve dropping Blount. This would also mean adding salary, which is contrary to what the stated goals of the team are.

On the other hand, despite the latest empahsis on team character, Ainge is not shy about picking up guys with bad reps (see Davis, Ricky). Also, a good find on our message board were Doc's kind words about Jason Williams from when he was a broadcaster. So it could happen (like it or not).

In other news, its being reported that the Lakers have interest in Jason Williams as well. Which would be curious since they have made a point of not taking on salaries longer than 2 years and JWill's goes for another 3. Still, they need a point, and he is available. So you never know.

Here's my early take: Basically, I can see why Ainge might be interested in a guy with his skillset. However, too much of this does not make sense for the team's goals. I don't like the rumored deal as it is laid out above. Something tells me this is the deal as proposed from the Memphis standpoint. I really don't think that Ainge would sign off on this.

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