Saturday, July 23, 2005
Falling Into Place 
Its not exactly dominos, the pieces are falling too slowly. But minor tremors here create havoc over there.

First Bonzi gets shipped which frees up a little future cap space for the Jazz to sign Saras (who is leaning that way). Dooling knows that the PG position is taken in Utah and signs with Orlando. The Cavs see that the point guards are falling off the map and pick up Jaric and Wilcox AND dump unwanted Gooden on the Clips to boot. Clearly things are starting to shake free from the stagnated market.

How will this effect the C's? Who knows? My favorite PG Watson is still on the market with fewer and fewer teams still needing a PG. The Lakers need a point but won't go over 2 years to get it done. Then again, the Hawks and Bobcats loom as teams with tons of money to throw around, so I won't get too excited.

Gooden was the other PF on the trading market. If anyone needs a big, they'll have to consider Walker. Should be a fun week. We should know more by the time the FA's can officially sign on Thursday(7/28).

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