Monday, June 13, 2005
Monday Shots 
  • Old friend Eric Pincus is reporting that the Blazers and Jazz are discussing a deal swapping picks and players, including the 3rd pick.

  • DraftCity is back, only now its DraftExpress.com - looks the same, works for me. Quick shoutout to Lanigan's blog for some more draft mockery and whatnot. (and Chad's MockII should be up today)

  • On the Cheap Seats page, Bent takes a look at Paul Pierce's career and compares him to a little girl. (ok, its Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, but still)

  • Update: NBADraft.net has its latest Draft Buzz up. They say that the Hornets are set on Deron Williams at 4 and Korolev refused to work out with the Celtics, fueling speculation that he's got a promise.

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