Tuesday, May 03, 2005
May Wins, Davis Snubbed 
Congrats Peter May, you managed to kibosh the evil Ricky Davis' shot at the 6th man award. This must be a proud day for you. Hope you're happy with yourself.

To recap, here's the series of events as best I can remember them. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  • Ricky having a fantastic year coming off the bench, providing the spark that this team needs (while May still openly complains about the trade that brought him over).
  • Stackhouse gets injured, leaving Gordon and Davis as the leading candidates (See week 20)
  • Momentum builds around the league with stories promoting Ricky Davis as a 6th man leader
  • May decides to pen an article stating that Ricky is really like a starter because he plays so many minutes, ignoring the fact that McHale, and several non-Celtic 6th man winners had also played long (and often longer) minutes in the years in which they won. (See TAKPAL's list)
  • The next power rankings showed that Marc Stein had been swayed by May's arguement (See week 23)
  • Sentiment shifts to the young, innocent, non-reputation-scarred Ben Gordon (who actually does have a legit claim to be a finalist for the award).
  • West Coast writers who are too lazy to do the research themselves, take May for his word and give the award to Gordon


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