Thursday, April 14, 2005
Quick Hits 
Age Limit: I've always been in favor of letting the kids play because I generally like the free-market society. They aren't ruining the game, and if they were, you would hope the GMs of the world would simply not pick them. No demand = no supply. But the demand is high, why restrict the supply? I'm not sure what Stern's agenda is, but I find it hard to believe he's a racist (or being influenced by any racial factors). I do love the concept of the minor league system, though I've read enough to make me skeptical of it taking place anytime soon.

Curry's Heart: I know its hard to feel bad for millionaires, but I do wish Curry the best. He's worked hard (granted, in a contract year) to get where he is, only to have it derailed by a heart issue. You don't have to remind anyone around here what happened to Reggie Lewis. That alone could scare potential suitors away. I see him resigning with the Bulls and I wish him the best of health.

LeBron the GM: Looks like Mark Bechtel stole my idea about LeBron being the next Kobe-like player/GM. I guess I'll let it slide. We bloggers have to stick together you know.

Chris Paul: It won't happen, but I'd love to see Chris Paul in a Celtics uniform next year.

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