Thursday, April 14, 2005
I felt that the first quarter of the Sixers game was critical, so I went back and finally got a chance to watch it. I was looking for effort. I was disappointed in two people in particular. Walker and LaFrentz. Walker, you can give a bit of a mulligan since he's still getting healthy. LaFrentz is perpetually in that position. I don't think you can question his heart so much as his lateral movement. Dalembert took him to school. Dalembert is an athletic, mobile big man and LaFrentz couldn't get through picks or out to the high post to guard him. Surprisingly, when Blount came in and took on Dalembert, he struggled to even get the ball. Blount, when properly motivated, can match most players' athleticism.

Take note Doc. If we face the Pacers, we cannot hope to let LaFrentz take on Jermaine O'Neal. When it comes to a slower, less mobile center (like Marc Jackson), LaFrentz is much more able to get behind him on the block and let his timing and reach create problems for the shooter. Oh yeah, and there is that Al Jefferson kid.

That's all I have time for now, but this topic of matchups should be looked into much further once the playoffs come into focus.

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