Thursday, March 03, 2005
Just Some Links 
TD Banknorth Garden: (updated) "a Maine bank with aspirations to become a big regional player, has won the sweepstakes to put its name on the arena known as the FleetCenter for the past decade, according to executives briefed on the negotiations."

Worst kept secret in sports: "Veteran point guard Gary Payton has verbally agreed to rejoin the Celtics, according to executive director of basketball operations Danny Ainge."

West looking forward to having the Glove back: "``You hear how quiet it is now?'' said Delonte West, who started his third straight game last night. ``You know when GP comes into the building. He'll say something like `What's up young fella?' or `What's up, ugly?' He changes your whole focus when he comes in like that. He loosens you up just like that."

Our friend BentDouble can't figure out the C's or the Jets.

Walker is working on setting his price to resign: "Can he live with what could be a more than $8 million pay cut and play for $6 million -- or less? -- "To be honest, I'm not going to live with that," Walker answered. "I bring too much to the table to settle for that. I'm definitely saying I'm not going to try and get the max [contract]. But asking me to go [down that far] is a bit much."

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