Wednesday, February 23, 2005
Stein Line? 
I'm getting this second hand, so like a game of operator, please understand that things may have been lost in translation. I'd appreciate anyone who saw Mark Stein on NBA Fastbreak last night to fact check this for me. I'm not sure if it is his idea or a real rumor he heard. But for lack of anything better to talk about, lets look at it.

Payton, Blount, and Jiri
Cassell, Ebi, Erving Johnson, and a first round pick

First of all, it does not work on the trade checker. Blount's BYC status has to be messing it up. I'd think they'd have to toss in another body or some creative financing (trade exceptions?) to make it work.

However, if a trade similar to this happens, I'm pretty happy. It fulfills the requirement of getting a first round pick for Payton. It gets Blount off our books. Jiri is no huge loss. Evrving is an expiring contract and Ebi has "upside." Cassell becomes Atkins II and fills a hole at PG. What's not to like?

From Minnesotta's perspective: They'll have a shot at resigning GP since they could be considered a Western Contender. If not, they take out the trash by unloading Cassell anyway. Blount would actually be an upgrade over Candy and EJ. Jiri is still young and talented with a great head for the game. Spree is likely gone after the season, so he provides some backup at the swing positions. Gotta give to get, and they'd be rolling the dice looking to turn things around in the short run.

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