Friday, February 11, 2005
Rumor Rater 
Can't get away from them, might as well take a look at them. Here are my favorite message board rumors and my take on the believability of them.

1. SAR for Raef and Yogi
Source = message board guy | Credibility = low | Probability = medium-low

Talent-wise, I'd probably rather have Raef this year. However, if you factor in the contracts, I'm of the opinion that you'd have to jump at this. Would Portland do it? Maybe if they are serious about getting character guys on the team and less serious about having financial flexibility.

2. Payton for Candyman and a pick
Source = message board guy | Credibility = low | Probability = low

The "source" even said that this deal was rejected by the Wolves since they didn't want to give up thier pick. I tend to think that they might reconsider if they have a chance to dump Cassell somewhere. There are rumblings that the Wolves wouldn't mind pawning off Cassell on the lowest bidder and the C's concievably could use a PG if they know Payton will skip town. Still, I'm not terribly excited by the prospect of switching PGs.

3. Pierce is staying
Source = everyone | Credibility = medium | Probability = high

I can't for the life of me think of a situation or proposal that would make sense to ship Paul out of town this year. Maybe, maybe in the offseason they will have an opportunity to evaluate all the options and perhaps work out a blockbuster. Even then, I'd have to think the team would either need to bring back a star in return or totally blow up the team in favor of rebuilding. Most likely situation is what none of the national rumormongers want to hear: Paul is a Celtic and will be for a while.

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