Wednesday, February 09, 2005
GP Staying? Domino! 
If, as rumored, Gary Payton stays the year and is offered an extension (1 year?), then I can see a domino effect happening. I could see Banks becoming very expendible with West available for backup duty. Package Banks with an expiring contract like Yogi's and you've got about $6M in salary to move. Teams would love to get that kind of cap flexibility and young talent at a critical position. Don't forget the C's have $2.4M in trade exceptions (McCarty deal and past trades). Not to mention Googs and his ending salary.

It all boils down to having a lot of flexibility when it comes to making a trade for a quality guy in return. We can match salaries between $5M and $12M for any array of options. Not only can we make a deal ourselves, but we can also advertise the fact that if a 3 way is needed, we can help make things work if a pick or a quality player is thrown our way.

Why blow everything up when you can add a quality player for pennies on the dollar due to the flexibility that Danny has created? Lets make a deal!

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