Friday, January 28, 2005
For Sale - Part I (Expiring Contracts) 
Does your team need salary cap relief? Owners breathing down your neck because of the luxury tax? The Boston Celtics have just what you need. Get your expiring contracts before its too late! (Offer ends Feb. 24)

Gary Payton - Hall of Fame point guards don't come around often, and at this low, low price, you can't resist. Sure he's lost a step and has a short shelf life, but if you are a competing team, this is a must-have, no-strings, bargain of a lifetime!
Year end savings: $5.4M

Michael "Yogi" Stewart - Great for cartoon themed promotions and fills up an Injured Reserve like a seasoned pro. Will collect paychecks without causing a single ripple in the water or making any discernable sound. Some assembly required.
Year end savings: $4.8M

Tom "Googs" Gugliotta - Former Minnesotta stud turned walking medical dictionary came on strong at the end of last year for the Jazz. Good locker room guy itching to get court time or at least a good tan. Great for a package deal.
Year end savings: $2.7M

Blue Plate Special:
Walter McCarty - Actually plays good defense, has energy, and could even sing the National Anthem. May be convinced to waive player option if right situation presents itself. See agent for details.
Year end savings (if option waived): $1.3M

See our special package rates as well. Offer not valid in all states. See store for details.

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