Friday, December 03, 2004
Pierce On The Market? 
Well, this ought to open up the floodgates on speculation, but here it goes:

Found this tid-bit on BostonSportsMedia.com:
The Zone's the Diehard's show, which unlike WEEI has been devoting plenty of time to Celtic's talk all season, had ESPN insider Chad Ford on, and he said the buzz in the league is that Pierce may be traded this year, possibly to Chicago.
Now before you get too excited/depressed about this, remember that Chad Ford is full of, ...lets call it conjecture, most of the time. However, he's been right (usually about the draft, not so much trades) enough times for me to listen to him talk.

I'll also note that Bulls GM Paxon was quoted in the Arlington Heights Daily Herald as saying that:
the Bulls will not contend until they have a dominant player other teams must double-team consistently, someone who scores during "meaningful" minutes down the stretch
Sound like someone we know?

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