Monday, August 02, 2004
Schedule Released 
Well, the season schedule is out. (yup, its another slow news day)

We start with Philly, Indiana, and New York. Should be a good early measuring stick. The Philly game will be much balleyhooed as Ainge vs. O'Brien. In reality, its closer to being Doc. vs. O'Brien, and I like our odds there. Indiana is the team we would like to emulate (mixing in veterans with young star-potential players). New York has Zeke in charge, trying to play mini-Steinbrenner and mortgaging the future for the now. There will be real pressure to win now, and so far I'm not really that impressed with their team or GM.

Here are some other games to watch for, including Shaq vs. Kobe on Christmas Day!

Update: Ummm, something tells me that ESPN & ABC don't think the Celtics are going to be very fun to watch.

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