Thursday, July 22, 2004
Hear that?  That's the sound of no-new-news.  Its a strange noise, and one that we aren't used to in Celtic Nation.  I'm not betting on it lasting too long.  Remember that the summer league just ended.  With that over, reporters have much less access to the team officials (and news leaks).  Unless you've got an illegal tap on Danny's cell phone, the only way we'll find out what he's doing is if he or the person he calls tells someone about it.

So is this the calm before the storm?  Will there be a blockbuster involving Pierce? (no)  Will there be a multi-player deal, exchanging huge salaries? (maybe, but unlikely)  Will there at least be some roster movement?  (definitely)

There IS a market for the 7-foot, former lottery pick, Chris Mihm.  People are always looking for size.  If we don't need him as much, he could return real value in a sign-and-trade.  Of course there is the "logjam" at the swing positions.  What is the trade value of Davis?  Jiri?  Is that a higher value than their value to the team?  We also have Yogi's expiring contract to dangle.  There may be some interest around the league for Chucky Atkins, but are we ready to move on without him?

There is too much smoke in the Eric Williams rumors to not have some fire to it.  I would bet that Eric wants to be here and the Celts would like to have him.  Its likely just a matter of money at this point.  He'll look around the league, and there is interest, but I'd bet the C's have the most interest.

So is that it?  No.  I believe there will be more.  We're all waiting for that one defining move of this offseason.  Danny's been stockpiling "tradable pieces" for too long to not make some move.  He struck out on most of his free agent targets.  But that's not a bad thing per se.  Better to pass than to pay more than what a player is worth to you.  Same goes with trade offers.  Some of the best trades are the ones that never happen.  (see Croshere, Austin)

So what is next?  If I knew, you know I'd tell ya.

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