Thursday, July 29, 2004
One Shoe Drops 
Q got his walking papers and the Clips got Kittles for a future 2nd rounder.  This means Dampier and Stromile have fewer options.  The Suns now have a load of players at the swing positions (Joe Johnson, Shawn Marion, Casey Jacobsen, and now Q).  Chad Ford thinks a Marion for Dampier deal could make some sense.  We'll see.  Look for some more shoes to drop in the next week.

Oh yeah, and a double congrats to Q who gets out of Clippertown and gets engaged to Brandy.  It's good to be Q.

Also, Chad Ford did some more chatting and this is what I found relevant.  (nothing earth shattering):

Shawn Lowery (Miami, FL): Chad, please give us the latest on where free agents are going. In Insider you mentioned a few, but what's the latest on Chris Mihm, Eric Williams, Marcus Fizer, Rodney White, and DeShawn Stevenson?

Chad Ford: Williams is getting the most buzz out of the guys you mentioned. There's a half dozen teams trying to work out some sort of sign-and-trade with the Cavs. The Warriors, Celtics and Heat are among the teams trying to get him. White claims he's narrowed his list to the Knicks and Kings, though the Nuggets may want him back. The Celtics made an offer to Mihm. Fizer and Stevenson have been virtually silent.

Joe (boston): Hi Chad, how good is Al Jefferson? Is he a superstar in the making? Thanks for taking the question....

Chad Ford: He looked as good as any other rookie in the summer league. I think it's early to call him a superstar, but it was clear he knows how to rebound and score in the paint. He should contribute right away next season.

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