Thursday, July 15, 2004
Bill Simmons Rants On About Celts 
From his ESPN Chat today:

Kyle, Boston: Yo what do you think of Tony Allen and Delonte

Bill Simmons: (2:48 PM ET ) I couldn't be more excited about them and Jefferson. it's not possible. I'll have more on this next week. This could be - potentially - the best Celtics draft in 50 years. Watch them tonight on NBATV - 7:30PM. You will be very surprised when you see Jefferson. He's ready NOW to play 25 mins a game. He's like a cross between Cedric Maxwell and Kenyon Marton. They lucked out. Plain and simple. You don't know how good someone is from a small place like Mississippi until he's thrown out there with the big boys. There's just no way to tell.

Bill Simmons: (2:52 PM ET ) I think the Celts could surprise some people next year... they still have 1 trade to make because they have to move Ricky Davis to open up PT for Tony Allen, who was the steal of the draft. I don't think you'll see Ricky on the team in 3 weeks. Or Chucky Atkins.

My ideal trade: Ricky to New Orleans, Mashburn to Boston, and Chucky goes to Houston for their trade exemption and a No. 1. I think this even works. But I'd like to see them do something like that - package them both for either a small forward who can score or a low-post guy.

Jries Philly: Delonte West = Joe Forte undersize SG trying to become a PG.... out of the league in 3

Bill Simmons: (2:54 PM ET ) See, that's wrong. Delonte IS a point guard. He was playing out of position at St. Joe's for 3 years because they had Nelson. He's not a 2-guard. He's already the best point guard on the Celtics. Marcus Banks will never be anything more than 1 of those change-of-pace Robert pack guys.

Lynnley Whiteford (New York): Myself being a Laker fan and you being a Celtics fan who is worse Danny Ainge or Mitch Kupchak?

Bill Simmons: (3:00 PM ET ) Kupchak. Danny actually knows talent. he's just impetuous and can't control himself from tinkering with the team. Kupchak hasn't done one thing to prove that he knows anything.

Dan. Exeter. NH: Off the subject: who are the Celtics more likely to get Erick Dampier or Stromile Swift?

Bill Simmons: (2:22 PM ET ) Swift.

Bryan (Chicago): If Boozer were going to the Celtics, you'd be dancing in the streets and the happiest man alive. You'd defend him until the day you died.

Bill Simmons: (2:37 PM ET ) Are you talking about Vin Baker?

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