Thursday, August 04, 2005
"Vince Carter, The Sequel"? 
For those that missed it yesterday, Simmons shared his thoughts on the Mega-Deal. I always enjoy his stuff and agreed with him right up until he said this:
6. With that said, not only do the Celtics look like a 25-win team right now, I have a feeling that Paul Pierce will be going into Full Sabotage Mode by Thanksgiving to force a trade to a winning team. Let's hope we don't have Vince Carter, The Sequel on our hands.
I understand where he's coming from but I disagree. I think we have a minimum of 35 wins in us for next year. The only way we drop below that number is if Pierce really does pull a Vince.

I don't really have any fear that this is going to happen. I admit he might be traded and I think at this point he might even welcome a trade. However, despite the fan frustrations with some of Paul's actions and general attitude, one thing we've always seen from Paul is effort. He would never dog it the way Vince did. You can't look at what he does day in and day out and accuse him of not trying his hardest.

On the other hand, I'm probably taking Bill a little too literally here. All cases are different. A worst case scenario for Paul might look something like him ignoring Doc in the huddle, running his own plays, and making it clear to Danny that he wants out. If pressed, I would have to admit that the potential is there. I just don't think it will happen.

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