Tuesday, August 02, 2005
Russillo Fills Us In 
You can stop listening to WEEI now, 1510 TheZone rocks.

This from Ryen Russillo of the Diehards:

Mark Bartelstein is doing this deal all by himself,

The Celtics have nothing to do with this, Bartelstein is trying to get toine 6 yrs. and 7/8 mil a year in this sign and trade and if he finds a way to do:

1. The Celtics take no money on in terms of players, If Butler ends up here (they don't want him) someone pays for him and the Celts cut him.

2. The Celts get (1) 2nd round pick, the Celts are doing Toine and his agent a favor and they have to get something.

3. The Celtics would also create a trade exception if another team is involved which has to be a team under the cap for this to work. There has to be another team involved, because straight up Boston working with Miami is not going to happen.

4. J Will is most likely going to Miami and staying there, maybe that deal expands and gets Toine more money but J Will is not coming to Boston.

5. Bartelstein is saying that Denver wants him (Toine) bad as well, I have not talked to anyone in Denver. I don't believe this.

The Celtics don't want any players back they are at their budget right now, (with a late addition of a PG to come later with the remaining mid level of 1.7 mil or the use of the Bi-annual exception (1.67 mil) formerly known as the "million dollar exception."

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