Wednesday, June 15, 2005
Mockery Part Deux 
Getting back to the business of my Mockery experiment. A tweak in the format and a bunch of changes, and we're off:

Top 5 Locks (1-5): Bogut, M. Williams, Paul, D. Williams, Green

Next 5 (6-10): Granger, Vazquez, Webster, Frye, Wright

BC - Before Celtics (11-17): McCants, Diogu, Felton, Taft, Villanueva, Graham, May
If any of the next set of guys jumps up, one of these guys will be pushed down to our range.

Celtics Range (18-22): Warrick, Korolev, Ilyasova, Simien, Ukic*

The Rest (23-30): Jack, Gomes, Garcia, Petro, Hodge, Bynum, Lee, Ellis
Any of these could jump up into our range with a good showing.

Thoughts? Observations? Who needs to go up? Down? If you don't tell me, I'll assume I'm brilliant and perfect.

Update: * I'm really starting to like this Ukic kid, so I've already swawpped him and Jack since posting this. Note his comment to Ford: "Boston has Delonte West, but I think because of my size, we could play together in the backcourt." (he also mentions Phoenix and Toronto)

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