Thursday, June 09, 2005
Back To The Draft 
Getting back to the draft, here are a few links to check out if you haven't found them already:

  • NBADraft.net - the grandaddy of them all - don't forget the articles
  • DraftCity.com - the new kid on the block, but easy to navigate and good analysis - you know, except for that report that got someone sacked
  • BSMW Reader Features blog - I like the 3 part breakdown they are doing on the guys that might be available in around the 18th pick - the look at big men will be posted next week

    There are probably plenty more, but that's a good place to start anyway. Feel free to post more links in the comments.

    Update: It actually looks like DraftCity.com is going under as a result of a lot of legal stuff. Its unfortunate, but it looks like the writers will land elsewhere, which is good.

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