Sunday, May 15, 2005
Free Agent Point Guards 
Danny has mentioned adding a point guard to our roster. Which makes it the 20th consecutive year (give or take) that its been one of the team's top offseason priorities. So you'll excuse me if I'm not sold that we'll find the next Jason Kidd this summer. Still, it can't hurt to bring in some experienced help for Flash and Cash. So lets look at some potential free agent candidates.

Marco Jaric - Like greasy Euros? Here's your man. Maybe we should pick him up just so Chad Ford will give us some love. I fully admit I've seen him play maybe once, so I have no scouting report other than what I read on the net. One such report says that he's good in the open court, but not a natural playmaker. However, I can tell you he's a restricted free agent, which means anyone trying to sign him will have to do the 15 day waltz with the Clips. Bill Simmons doesn't seem to like him, so take that for what its worth.

Earl Watson - He's my early favorite. Still pretty green himself, but he's shown that he can run an offense and play defense. Hard to put too much stock in a guy that backed up White Chocolate, but he might be one of those point guards that "get it" after his first few seasons. Think Marcus in 2-3 more years. Could be had for under or at the MLE as well.

Sarunas Jasikevicius - Another Chad Ford dreamboat. He's in Europe right now and a free agent. He's got quite a resume, and even his own website (featuring his cheesy glam shot and freaky eyes pic). Still, he's a winner and a veteran. Will his game translate (bad pun intended) well to the NBA? Could be worth a gamble.

Antonio Daniels - He's a guy that I've coveted for a long time because he's young, talented, and already gone through his growing pains years. He can play defense and run the point and hit an occasional jumper. What more do you need? He has a player option to get out of his contract. Might be a little expensive if the bidding gets high, but definitly worth a look.

Damon Stoudamire/Jeff McInnis - You have to wonder if any former Jail Blazer not named Rasheed could be worth picking up, especially with Danny preaching character. But you never know. Danny did bring in Davis, and that worked out well. Both have skills. Neither excites me much.

Others: Dan Dickau, Tyronn Lue, Darrell Armstrong - Eh. Meh. Neh.

There are a lot of teams desperately seeking point guards, and the Rockets will likely lead the charge. If Danny continues to pursue value players, I'd look for Earl Watson. If he decides to gamble big, it might be Jasikevicius. Or he's got the trade route to pursue as well.

Update: I guess I forgot to mention Brevin Knight. Its possible I forgot more. I don't have any negative feelings towards Brevin, but I know hagrid does (I'll let him explain why). Brevin seems like a pass-first point that won't make a lot of mistakes.

In other news, the carnival is back in Chicago.

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