Friday, April 08, 2005
LeBron, the next Kobe? 
These thoughts came to mind as I read this article on LeBron's current frustrations.

First of all, abolish all thoughts from your head about LeBron being traded anywhere. Its just not going to happen. The new owner bought that team specifically because of LeBron. However, I could see the owner turning the whole organization upside down and inside out until it pleases LeBron, just like what was done to appease Kobe.

Kobe has turned out to be a terrible GM. If LeBron is smart, he'll leave the personnel decisions to the management. If the new owner is smart, he'll be very, very, very careful with who he installs as GM. The guy better be strong willed, because he might have to look LeBron in the eye one day and tell him "I know you want [abc], but I know we need to do [xyz], and its going to hurt for a while, but I'm confident that you'll see the results in time."

The temptation for LeBron to demand immediate results could be overwhelming given the expectations people have laid upon him. The temptation for the owner to do backflips for LeBron will also be overwhelming.

Now, Kobe and LeBron are two totally different people, but there are real lessons to be learned from the West coast: Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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