Sunday, March 06, 2005
This Year's Draft Pick 
I was worried about not getting a draft pick this year - something I read in a newspaper recently gave me pause - but from what I understand, we will in fact have a pick this year, no matter what the Lakers do. If the Lakers hit the lottery, the Hawks pick will roll over to next year.

This was important to me due to the potential age limit. This draft should see the best prospects enter, ready or not. Next year's crop is going to be pretty diluted as a result. If we are lucky, when the Jiri pick materializes in 2007, we'll see a few current HS guys that didn't enter the draft benefit from 2 years of college experience.

We do have a few 2nd rounders, so maybe we can steal a talented guy that slips due to the sheer amount of players in the draft. And we'd have him at unguaranteed money.

Regardless, there's not too much to worry about. We've already got a young group of players that are the envy of many clubs, and they're getting valuable experience right now. We don't give young Perk enough credit in part because Jefferson has looked so good so early. Had an age limit been in place, Perk would be dominating the college ranks right now. Add some seasoning to the rest of our young guns, and we won't be worrying about draft picks for a couple of years. Plus, you never know what Danny will have up his sleeve this offseason.

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