Thursday, March 24, 2005
He Who Must Not Be Named 
Before there was Steve Spurier, there was the man that is currently leading the Louisville Cardinals to the Elite Eight. The man who wrote "Success is a Choice" apparently chose a great deal of success at Kentucky and is choosing success again now.

Which begs the question: What exactly did he chose in Boston?

He chose to take millions of dollars from the Gaston family. He chose to jettison Wesley and Fox without taking any time to evaluate their talent. From Travis Knight, to Danny Fortson, to Pervis Ellison. I could go on and on. He chose to take Red's title of President for no apparent reason other than ego. I'll stop there because I can already feel my blood pressure rising.

His biggest problem was obviously his ego, but he didn't stop there. He kyboshed the roster in ways that you couldn't duplicate if you blindfolded a monkey and put him on the trade checker. Finally, the coaching, which should have been his one undeniable talent, also failed him. The micromanaging that college kids need to keep them focused wore quickly on the professional adult players he was coaching.

So what is the point of this rant? I have no point really. I'm just letting off a little steam because yes, in this case I certainly hold a grudge. I could almost forgive him for his ineptitude, but can't get over the fact that he pushed Red to the side like yesterday's garbage.

In general, I wish the man well. But I just can't bring myself to root for him.

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