Wednesday, March 16, 2005
Enough Ranting, Time to Rave 
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Everyone knows I love a good rant. The Celtics have given me ample opportunities to rant in the past 18 years or so. Ranting is good for the soul in that it releases tension and gets bottled up emotion out on the table where you can deal with it.

However, this latest stretch has left me devoid of complaint. Sure, if I wanted to nit pick I could find some things to be annoyed with. Yes, I did offer my cautionary tale yesterday. However, for the most part, winning cures all ills and we are a healthy fan base these days.

So its time to start raving. No I'm not talking about a teenage club scene. I'm talking about some good old fashioned praise for the things that make us happy. Feel free to add your own raves below and in the message board.

Winning: Remember this? Remember how it felt when we went on the run to the Easter Conference Finals? If you are old enough, do you remember Bird, McHale, Parish, DJ, and, of course, Danny Ainge? Well take this time to embrace it. Wrap your arms around it. Soak it up. Get spoiled by it. Get greedy for it. This is the juice that gets you addicted to drug of sports. Enjoy it.

Team Play: The team has seemingly rallied around Antoine's return home, but you can't overlook the improved play of those around him. He gets a lot of credit for the proverbial "making those around him better" but also credit the players for stepping up. Everyone has contributed. (well, except maybe Perk, but still) Each night it seems like a different couple of guys step up their game. Paul has been extra spicy the whole time, but he's had Ricky hotter than average (and that's saying something) on many nights. He's had Raef knocking down that outside shot. He's had Gary embarrassing younger guards. When someone has an off night, the others step up. That's what good teams do.

This site: I don't think the goal of this site should be centered around getting numbers of people to visit. However, I will admit that it is nice to be noticed and we enjoy the company of all you Celtics nuts. I really think that we've had the privilage of seeing some of the best fans around honor us by frequenting the site and contributing to the comments, message board, and chat. We recently set all time highs in site stats and I even got a note from my server host saying that we're going to need to sign up for more capacity because our traffic is so high. Oh yeah, and the Boston Sports Media Watch has nominated us on the BSMW Awards as one of the Best Local Sports Websites. You can vote here.

All of which makes us humbly thankful for our 15 minutes of fame but we can't take all the credit by any means. hagrid and I write a lot, but I think we just serve to spark the conversation then we sit back and watch you guys go. Cheers to the forum moderators Green17 and C-Bill. Cheers to the chat room mod JALN. Cheers to bostonfan23 for the game threads. Cheers to our GIF Shop wizard JChance. Cheers to all of you who turn this simple blog into an elaborate community.

So thanks again and enjoy the wins. Celtic tradition never went away, it's always been here. Its just nice to see it dusted off and polished once again. End Rave.

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