Monday, January 17, 2005
Davis booted from Practice 
This is what I get for updating the blog before morning press runs!


"It wasn't the first and probably won't be the last time that Doc Rivers has kicked a player out of practice for bad behavior, but yesterday Ricky Davis pushed the envelope a little too far with the Celtics coach.
The Celtics' sixth man, upset with how a scrimmage was being officiated by the coaches during yesterday's practice in front of a group of New England Baptist-sponsored high school students, started complaining a little too loudly and colorfully for Rivers' taste.

The Celtics' coach first pointed toward the trainer's room door and said, ``Get out.''
When Davis stopped to argue from the doorway, Rivers barked, ``Go home.''
Davis, known for his trash talk, was also booted from a practice along with Mark Blount [
news] last season by then-interim coach John Carroll after the two players locked up in a cross-court shouting match.
Yesterday, Rivers was also bothered by the fact that Davis wasn't able to control his language despite the presence of a bleacher section full of students from throughout Boston - all sponsored yesterday in recognition of academic achievement.
``He was yelling at the guys, and I didn't like the tone of his talk,'' Rivers said. ``And there were kids in the gym. "

I hope that people keep this in perspective. RD did something stupid and he got his punishment for it. Let's hope he learns from what went wrong here or at least learns more appropriate discretion, as Doc seems as upset with his language as he was with RD yelling at teammates.

At some point in the season, most teams have a practice where players get heated with each other. Let's hope this is all it is, but I'm sure this will concern people, as RD is really starting to take off with his play.

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