Thursday, January 27, 2005
Chad Ford REALLY Hates the Celtics 
So much so, that he wants them to blow the whole thing up ASAP.

For those with Insider access, here is the link.

Here is what he said in today's chat:
the Celtics are discussing everything from small moves like McCarty and shipping out Payton to a contender to radical extreme make-over type things that could see Pierce, Ricky Davis, LaFrentz, Payton and Mark Blount in new uniforms by the trade deadline.
I swear, Chad must be the best paid "that guy on message boards that makes up insane trades" ever. Here's the carnage:

1. Trade Pierce and Blount (& Googs) for Dalembert and Igudala (& Big Dog + K. Brown)
2. Dump Payton, Davis, and Raef on the TWolves for expiring contracts (Spree/ErvinJ)
3. Rebuild through cap space and the draft (since the season will officially be a tank job)


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